Ryo Nakajima
Born in 1983 in Yamanashi Prefecture

This work took 4 years to complete.
I began working on the screenplay when I was 19 going 20 ; at the time, I was a hikikomorin which means I was socially withdrawn and never left the house.

I could not find my place in life, and through days of doing nothing, because emotionally cornered.
I decided to make a film back then because I felt a strong desire " to connect with somebody and break out of my own shell".

But when I began the production, I realized that filmmaking was a fight against teh walls of reality. the difficulty of gathering supporters. The lack of funds,time,and technique.
The difficulty of communication. the Production almost came to a halt, and I felt like running away. But because my crew believed in me , I was able to keep going.

During the long shooting schedule, we all became better friends , improved
tecnique-wise, and overcame various major obstaces together.

When the editing was finished and the work completed. I was filled with deep emotion.
I am hoping now that this film does not just end here and that it leads the way to our future.

I would like as may people as possible to see it.